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2019 NAMI Annual Meeting

NAMI Arizona 2019 Annual Meeting:
“Caring Means Sharing”
Saturday January 26th, 2019
Ability 360 Conference Center
5025 E. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85034
9:30 AM to 3:00 PM

NAMI Arizona 2019 Annual Meeting and Celebration

“Caring Means Sharing”

The NAMI Arizona Board of Directors invites you to attend and participate in our 2019 Annual Meeting scheduled for Saturday January 26th, 2019 at the Ability360 Conference Center 5025 E. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

We’ve made incredible progress since our first annual meeting together, January 2012’s “United in Transforming Arizona Integrated Health Outcomes,” where we processed past communication breakdowns agreeing to collaborate and intentionally partner moving forward.

Right after that annual meeting, the NAMI Arizona Board of Directors met with the Statewide Affiliate Leadership to delineate roles and responsibilities. We recognized that the NAMI Affiliates were NAMI’s lifeblood, offering grassroots leadership, education, support, and advocacy at no charge to all; and committed to keeping the State Office “Lean and Mean” focused on strengthening Affiliate success. And while we’ve reduced expenses and increased revenues significantly at the State level, we’ve also been privileged to participate in some pretty powerful work. Please see the attached spreadsheet highlighting some of the current activities NAMI Arizona is involved in as we strive to ensure that the right voices are at the right tables.

NAMI Arizona has been incredibly blessed by the generosity and intentional partnering of all three RBHA providers throughout this process. We recognize Arizona healthcare is transforming, RBHA roles and service areas have evolved, shifted, and expanded; and the AHCCCS Complete Care Plans are our new potential partners to connect in all our NAMI communities.

In the spirit of our 2019 Conference theme, “Caring Means Sharing” and to demonstrate our steadfast love, respect, and appreciation for the incredible work our NAMI Arizona Affiliates do each day, NAMI Arizona is donating 50% (after expenses) of this year’s Annual Meeting Sponsorship revenue to be split evenly among our 11 officially sanctioned NAMI Affiliates (NAMI Havasu, NAMI Flagstaff, NAMI Sedona, NAMI Yavapai County, NAMI White Mountains, NAMI Payson, NAMI Valley of the Sun, NAMI Pinal Central, NAMI Southern Arizona, NAMI Southeastern Arizona, and NAMI Yuma) to help strengthen their infrastructure and grow their community impact. For the conference, we are planning to have presentations from each of our Regional Affiliates partnered with their significant Community Partner/Platinum Sponsors where they highlight their collaborative efforts. It will be a great event.

Please consider one of the Sponsorship opportunities included herein, and thank you for all you do for those we serve!

Thanks, Jim

Jim Dunn, M.Ed./C, CPRP
Executive Director/CEO
NAMI Arizona
5025 E. Washington St., Ste 112
Phoenix, AZ 85034

[NAMI Arizona Annual Meetings are free to NAMI members, $40 for Nonmembers (free membership included), with no charge for low income, first responders, veterans, government officials, judiciary, legislators and anyone else who doesn’t want to pay. Light morning refreshment and free lunch will be provided. Sponsorships are available.]
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    NAMI Arizona 2019 Annual Meeting

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  • 2019 NAMI Arizona Annual Meeting Sponsorship Levels

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    Platinum Level Collaborative Community Partner $ 15,000
    • Platinum Sponsor for 2019 Annual Meeting
    • Prominent logo recognition on all Annual Meeting materials, digital and print, programs, website, social media.
    • Opportunity to participate/speak/present with Regional Affiliates at NAMI AZ Annual Meeting
    • Booth provided at Annual Meeting
    • Recognition in Annual Financial Report
    • Quarterly NAMI Arizona/Affiliate Leadership-Partner Consultations as requested

    Gold Sponsor Level Collaborative Community Partner $ 10,000
    • Gold Sponsor for 2019 Annual Meeting
    • Recognition on all Annual Meeting materials, digital and print, programs, website, social media
    • Podium recognition at Annual Meeting
    • Booth provided at Annual Meeting
    • Semi-Annual NAMI Arizona/Affiliate Leadership-Partner Consultations as requested

    Silver Sponsor Level Collaborative Community Partner $ 7,500
    • Silver Sponsor for 2019 Annual Meeting
    • Recognition on all Annual Meeting materials, digital and print, programs, website, social media
    • Podium recognition at Annual Meeting.
    • Booth provided at Annual Meeting
    • Semi-Annual NAMI Arizona/Affiliate Leadership-Partner Consultations as requested

    Bronze Sponsor Level Collaborative Community Partner $ 5,000
    • Bronze Sponsor for 2019 Annual Meeting
    • Recognition on all Annual Meeting materials, digital and print programs, website, social media
    • Podium recognition at Annual Meeting

  • NAMI Arizona Activity

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    NAMI Arizona Executive Director/CEO and Board Member Group Activity a/o 9/1/18



    Scope of Involvement/Frequency

    How Relates to NAMI

    (1)   AHCCCS Policy Committee (APC)
    Develops AHCCCS Contractors Operations Manual (ACOM) and AHCCCS Medical Policy Manual which drive the Arizona Public Health System.
    Typically Monthly and Ad Hoc Meetings with greater urgency due to AHCCCS Complete Care Integration. We are excited to partner with the AHCCCS Office of Individual and Family Affairs to reach out to diverse, young adult, and veteran communities to review and provide feedback to relevant policies open for public comment.
    Jim's participation specifically requested by AHCCCS to participate in Confidential AHCCCS Policy Committee discussion; NAMI Arizona contracted to engage diverse communities for direct input on those policies Open/Out for Public Comment. For more information, please feel free to contact
    (2)   AHCCCS OIFA Advisory Council
    Statewide gathering of Peer and Family Run Organizations, RBHA OIFA reps, and Community Leaders consulting in partnership with AHCCCS leadership
    1.5 hour meetings on the third Tuesday of each month
    This group is "the Canary in the Coal Mine" demonstrating AHCCCS' onging determination to include individuals and families with lived experience in all aspects of their operation. NAMI Arizona provides coaching, encouragement, and leadership to solidify AHCCCS Intentional Partnering and Community Collaboration through this group. Sign up for OIFA Emails including their comprehensive weekly newsletter by emailing
    (3)   AHCCCS Peer and Family Career Academy Governance Committee
    The Academy develops and delivers training to peers and family members that work in the behavioral health system. It hopes to improve employment opportunities for these individuals.
    2 hour meeting on the third Tuesday of each month
    NAMI Arizona along with RBHA and ACC OIFA Leaders oversee the contract administration and operation of the Arizona Peer and Family Career Academy. Please see for details.
    (4)   AHCCCS Quarterly Quality Forum
    T/RBHA, ALTCS and ACC Quality Management structure determined to bring individuals, families, and community partners into the Quality Control and System Oversight process.
    1.5 hour meeting on the third Tuesday of every third month L6D6:R7C6D6:G7D6:X7D6:AB7C6D6:G7D6:AD7D7:AD7D7:AC7D7:AB7D7:AA7D7:Z7D7:Y7D7:X7D7:W7D7:V7
    AHCCCS has invited NAMI Arizona, along with Individual, Family, and Community Leaders from across the State to help define meaningful targeted Outcomes, link communities, and to establish processes that keep our finger on the pulse of the system. If you'd like to participate contact to get added to the email invitation list.
    (5)   Phoenix VA Mental Health Advocacy Council
    Veterans, Advocates, Phoenix VA Leadership and Community meetings to address system gaps and enhance veteran access to care
    1.5 hour meetings on the fourth Wednesday of the month
    NAMI Arizona has helped strengthen the Council's impact, facilitated linkage to AHCCCS OIFA, and able to parlay bipartisan veteran goodwill toward relevant Mental Health and Criminal Justice Initiatives. This group welcomes all the help they can get so please contact if you'd like to participate.
    (7)   Veterans Mental Health Coalition
    Congresswoman Sinema's Workgroup established to address gaps in VA performance
    Quarterly and Ad Hoc
    NAMI Arizona participation requested by "Congressional Decree"; NAMI intentionally partnering to grow non-partisan momentum to improve VA System performance and eliminate veteran suicide.
    (8)   Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act Workgroup (now Arizona's pioneering "Be Connected" program)
    During Summer/Fall 2016 when the rest of the Nation seemed hopelessly divided, staff from Senator McCain and Congresswoman Sinema's office facilitated a Confidential Non-Partisan workgroup to develop Arizona's approach to this Federal, State, and Veteran Initiative to Reduce Veteran Suicides. Arizona is one of five states chosen to pilot unique initiatives under this legislation and "Be Connected" strives to ensure "No Wrong Door" to any veteran seeking assistance or community member wishing to help them.
    The Be Connected project group participates in the Monthly Maricopa County Crisis Community Collaborative Meetings the first Thursday of every month to maintain key partnerships and ensure our crisis services are meeting the needs of Arizona's large veteran population.
    NAMI Arizona participation in workgroup morphed out of Phoenix VA Advocacy Council and Congresswoman Sinema's Mental Health Coalition participation. The Maricopa County Crisis Community Collaborative would love to have NAMI Affiliate participation, so please contact or if interested.
    (8)   Arizona Mental Health and Criminal Justice Coalition
    The Coalition has had an impact of moving Arizona criminal justice actors toward treatment and away from punishment for persons with behavioral health challenges.
    2 hour meeting on the first Friday of the Month
    Thanks to AHCCCS Buiding Connections Partnering, NAMI Arizona has been able to provide financial and other support to David's Hope to run the Arizona Mental Health and Criminal Justice Coalition and lead Arizona's Stepping Up Initiative. Arizona remains the first and only State to have all 15 Counties signed on to the Stepping Up Initiative committing to getting those with mental illness treatment instead of incarceration. Powerful, nonpartisan partnering is taking place between law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, judges, and all three branches of Arizona government. Details at
    (9)   Arizona Justice Alliance
    Statewide group of Advocates, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Courts and others determined to keep youth and adults with mental illness our of jails and prison
    "Steering Committee" Member with limited attendance at 1.5 hour meeting on the 1st Tuesday of the Month.
    Focus on keeping youth and adults with serious mental illness in treatment instead of incarcerated greatly benefits individuals and families with mental illness. Details at
    (10)   Arizona Peer and Family Coalition
    The coalition promotes preparation of peers and family members for participation in leadership opportunities in their communities and across the State.
    1.5 hour meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month
    Individuals, families, and allies shed their titles and organizational affiliations to grow and connect peer and family leaders in communities across the State. Details at
    (11)   Arizona Council of Human Service Providers
    Statewide group of health care providers striving to improve the lives of Arizona's diverse populations
    2-3 hour meeting the 2nd Friday of each month; quarterly meeting with Arizona Department Leadership
    This group offers information about how system issues and changes affect providers
    (12)   Phoenix Police Chief's Executive Advisory Council
    Ad hoc group of behavioral health and crisis leaders pulled in to assist Phoenix Police Chief with challenging community relations issues
    Annually or more frequently depending on circumstance
    Establishes NAMI Arizona as a Collaborative Community Resource determined to improve community behavioral health outcomes
    (13)   Committee on Mental Health and the Justice System
    Committee Established and Membership Appointed by Chief Justice of Supreme Court to develop and recommend comprehensive evidence-based practices and cross agency protocols to improve the administration of civil and criminal justice for persons with mental illness
    5 hour meeting scheduled monthly through Fall 2019
    Who'd believe Arizona would one day lead the Nation in nonpartisan mental health and criminal justice reform. Recognizing the need for system oversight and the fact that nobody really likes to be overseen, we now have a highly eclectic, diverse group of stakeholders including all three branches of State government intentionally partnering on "Fair Justice". Committee Members are appointed by the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, but meetings are open to the public. Details at
    *   Maricopa County Human Rights Committee/Independent Oversight Committee
    Legislatively established volunteer independent oversight of publicly funded behavioral health system in Maricopa County
    1 2.5 hour meeting the 3rd Wednesday of each month; periodic subcommittee and site visits
    "Outside" normal NAMI Arizona schedule of activities; Jim's participation determined to grow collaborative community oversight and build relationships. Meetings are subject to Open Meeting laws and open to the public. Committee members are frequently sought for IOCs across the State. For more information please see
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    NAMI Arizona thanks our generous community partners and sponsors who continue to make these efforts possible with special thanks to: